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A Complete Illustrated History of Sri Lanka, Author signed, 2nd edition, Anton Sebastian, Yapa Publications, 2013


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Anton Sebastian 
Author signed. Almost everything you wanted to know of Sri Lanka from
the geological formation of the island to the present time. Origin of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other races in the island. Evolution of polity and languages. A new perspective on the History of Sri Lanka  The Geological Origins of the Island  Prehistory before Vijaya  History beyond the Mahavamsa,  Who are the Sinhalese and Tamils?  How did the Tamils become influential?  The Origins of Muslims in Sri Lanka  Tamil invasions from South India  From Hinduism to Buddhism  Towards and after Independence  Colonial Ceylon, Stone Age in Ceylon, the origins of Sinhalese language, The Rise and Demise of Tamil Militancy More answers to commonly asked questions on the history of Sri Lanka Hardback: 696 pages 487 photos, tables, maps and illustrations Printed on 150 gsm art paper Coffee table size. A classic collector's item
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