The concept of Nandi takes its antiquity from the Indus Valley seals over 3000 years ago. A prototype of his lord Shiva is also depicted as Pasupathi, the Lord of the Beasts in an Indus seal. Nandi is very much a Dravidian concept of Shiva's vahana or vehicle and Gate Keeper of Shiva. Kushan coins in the early Christian Era (ca 100- 300) depict, for the first time, the association between Shiva and Nandi. The presence of the statue of Nandi at the gates of most temples dedicated to Shiva underpins the spiritual role of the sacred animal in Hinduism. Shiva and Parvati being the primordial gender of the world they are often portrayed together on Nandi by the artisans and artists of later periods in the past few centuries.


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