The concept of Nandi takes its antiquity from the Indus Valley seals over 3000 years ago, although both figures are not identical. A prototype of his lord Shiva is also depicted as Pasupathi, the Lord of the Beasts in an Indus seal. Nandi is very much a Dravidian concept of Shiva's vahana or vehicle and Gate Keeper of Shiva and Parvati. Kushan coins in the early Christian Era (ca 100- 300) endorse Nandi as Shiva's companion. This is perhaps the earliest tangible evidence of the belief of partnership between Shiva and Nandi. The close association of Shiva and Nandi also explains the presence of a statue of Nandi at the gate of many temples dedicated to Shiva.Rare Religious Statues & Sculptures | Antiques International | Meenakshi | Tantric |Hindu Mythology | Hinduism |Shiva| Brahma | Vishnu |Parvati| Durga| Kali | Krishna| Hanuman| Uma | Gowrie |Shakti | Sarasvati| Kartegeya | Kubera |Nandi

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