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Finely sculptured rare pure silver image of Rama with bow and arrow standing on Linga 18th - 19th century


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Rare finely sculptured pure silver image of Rama of Ramayana legend,  the deity bears a basket of arrows on his right shoulder, an arrow in right hand while holding the bow in his left hand. He is standing on a pedestal representing the Linga, 6 cm, 17th to 18th century. The Sanskrit epic Rāmāyana with Rama as its Hero is perhaps the most depicted epic in the world today. Some of the most exotic historic sites in India and the rest of the east, such as the  Ellora caves, Mahāvalipuram,  Cambodian temples, and several other places in Thailand portray Rāmāyana scenes and characters in their sculptures and paintings.  Its literary contents have continued to inspire artists and artesans to depict the Rāmāyana scenes in paintings, on stone and other media for sculptures. Consisting of 24,000 verses, it is supposed to have been written around 250 to 300 BC, although the events described in it appear to be much earlier, around 1000 BC.