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A fine Buddha Schist Image from Gandhara. Taxilla, Superbly carved fragment of torso, Ca 2nd to 3rd Century AD. H 6.5, 19th century designed teak stand, excluding stand and W 5.3

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A fine Buddha Schist Image from Gandhara. Superbly carved fragment of  torso in Greco-Buddhist style monastic robe.  A rare well preserved schist sculpture of Buddha with fine curled hair and Usnisha. He rests on a fine Victorian Mahogany stand commissioned especially to fit the contour of the fragment in the 19th century. Ca 2nd to 3rd Century AD. H 6.5” excluding stand, W 5.3”
Provenance: Anton Sebastian Private Collection acquired pre-1965 from a Fine Gentleman Collection
Early Buddhist images avoided showing the Buddha as a human figure; instead he was alluded to with symbols. Some of these symbols, such as his footprint continued to be used even after the Buddha had been depicted in human form. By approximately the second century CE, making and dedicating independent statues of the Buddha became an established practice. The oldest depiction of Buddha as a person originates from Gandhara around 1st Century AD, hence show a Greco-Roman influence of the region and period. Earlier signs of Buddhism in Gandhara are two rock-cut edicts commissioned by the Mauryan king Ashoka during the third century BCE. 

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