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A Manual of Surgical Anaesthesia by Bellamy Gardner 1916

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A Manual of Surgical Anaesthesia by Bellamy Gardner 1916
Bailliere Tindall, London, 1916. Hardcover. Book Condition: Fair. Good intact copy but hard cover slighly bent and slightly faded

Bellamy Gardner's anaesthetic mask for ether anaesthesia. Comprised of a chrome-plated steel wire frame. The base is pear-shaped, designed to fit snugly around a face, with two horizontal and two vertical curved wires welded on to form a dome, which would sit over the patient's nose and mouth. A gauze pad doused with ether would be placed on top of this frame and secured in placed with a hinged wire lid. This design allowed the anaesthetic to come close to the patient's face without actually touching the skin. As ether is heavier than air, the vapours would descend to the patient's face rather than spread around the room. The mask was made and used circa 1950 in dental or medical surgery of a mental hospital in Victoria to anaesthetise patients. This item is part of the Psychiatric Services Collection at Museum Victoria
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