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'Anton Sebastian Private Collection,' a personal acquisition over a life time is now on sale for the first time due to retirement. The items listed include Rare and Antique Religious Bronzes, Figurines, Rare Books, Stamps and coins  personally researched and purchased with passion and expertise acquired through decades of collector's experience.

The collector's passion for old and the past is exemplified by his internationally accredited publications A Dictionary of the History of MedicineA Dictionary of the History of ScienceDates in Medicine, and A Complete Illustrated History of Sri Lanka.

You are welcome to present an alternative experience, description and knowledge on the items viewed. Your input whether it be criticism or complements will be greatly appreciated. Our passion for art and culture can be seen through the quality of our collection in Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and other fields such as Philately, Numismatics and Antiquarian books.  We hope these exotic and beautiful items from the past will be a source of enjoyment to you and your future generation. 

If you buy multiple items for stamps and coins for the same delivery address please contact us to for a single item cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information and photographs via the contact details provided. Click away and enjoy our items of Art, Sculpture and History even if you do not intend to buy.

Anton Sebastian

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