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Seated bronze Buddha, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), right hand in bhumispara, left in dhyna mudra, and bearing head ornament (Siripata) 19th - 20th century, 9' 1/3 inches tall. 7' inches wide, 1.1 Kg,

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Buddha, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), seated with right hand in Bhumispara (pointing to the earth), left hand in dhyna mudra with his half closed eyes in meditation. The flame ornamant (Siraspata) over his head is characteristic of  Sri Lankan Buddhism. His upper monastic folded garment (uttarasanga) over his left shoulder is in accordance with the Southern Sri Lankan Buddhist tradition. A delightful 19th century - 20th century 9' 1/3 inches tall. 7' inches wide,  weight1.1 Kg,