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Buddha guarded by Muchalinda, Khmer bronze, Baphuon (Ca 1050-1066) Style. An emblem of Khmer sculpture, 3.36, Ca 1700- 1900 AD

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Buddha guarded from the cosmic storm by many headed Naga (Mucilinda), Image of meditating Buddha protected by Naga first entered Khmer Empire in the 10th century. Not all Khmer bronzes were green patinated and this has a bronze colour. Baphuon (Ca 1050-1066) emblem of Khmer sculpture, also adopted in Thailand, 3.36”, Ca 1800- 1900 
Exotic, rare and authentic antique religious figurines and Sculptures of Khmer Period from Anton Sebastian Private Collection presented by Antiques International for sale

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[i] After attaining Enlightenment under the Bo Tree, a violent cosmic storm arose and Muchalinda coiled himself below under Buddha and spread his hood over him in order to protect him.