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Dates in Medicine: A Chronological Record of Medical Progress, Author signed copy by A. Sebastian, 2003

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Dates in Medicine: A Chronological Record of Medical Progress over Three Millennia

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Dates in Medicine, Parthenon Publishing Group, New York/London,
ISBN 978-1850700951

“Fun and fascinating to read through. How in the world did the author amass such an assortments of faces, facts and figures?”
 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

This is a one-of-a-kind record of the milestones of medical progress from 4000 BC to the present. A new concept unlike anything published before, this unique volume lists in chronological order many of the key dates in the development of medicine over the last six millennia. Starting with the ancient Egyptians and Chinese and ending with the new malaria vaccine just developed in 1999, this book provides a hitherto unavailable record and reference for everyone in medicine and an exceptional perspective over 6000 years of medical progress.


c 4000 BC: Sumerian records report euphoric effect of the poppy plant. c 2820: BC Shen Nung born. A Chinese emperor, physician and reformer who experimented with plants and discovered their medicinal values. He originated acupuncture and wrote the great herbal Pen Tsoa, which describes over 365 medicinal plants.

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