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Evolution, Heredity and Variation. D Ward Cutler 1925 First Edition

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1925 text underlined, annotations, otherwise good copy, On Lamarck's and Darwin's theories, evolution, heredity, variation, Donald Ward Cutler, head of the Microbiological Department at the Rothamsted Experimental Station was trained in zoology at Cambridge under Prof. Stanley Gardiner, and after his happy and successful undergraduate years at Queens' College he went to the Marine Biological Station at Plymouth to investigate fish scales. In 1915 he joined Prof. S. J. Hickson’s staff at Manchester, where his gift for lecturing and for teaching made him a useful member of the department; in his free time he studied the Protozoa of termites. A weak heart prevented his being accepted for active service, but he gave valuable help in the Pathological Department set up for the Manchester war hospitals and became an expert on amœbic dysentery.