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Henry III Long Cross Silver Penny 1247 EF remarkable and complete for the issue

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Henry III Long Cross Silver Penny 1247  EF remarkable and complete for the issue 
Obverse: crowned head with Royal Club Scepre 
Obverse: Long Cross with HEI R · 0 · I LVN DG · I
probable London mint by Moneyer Henri

Henry III King of England
Reign:   19 October 1216 – 16 November 1272
Coronations:      28 October 1216, Gloucester
                            17 May 1220, Westminster Abbey
Predecessor       John
Successor            Edward II

During King Henry III's long reign (1216–1272) the short-cross penny was in use until 1247. By then, however, through no fault of the moneyers' there was a problem in that many of the coins in circulation were tampered with and were underweight. This was caused by the illegal practice of clipping silver off the edge of the coin, which was made easier by the cross on the reverse not extending to the rim thus giving people no clear indication of exactly how big the coin was supposed to be. Therefore in 1247 a new long-cross penny replaced the short-cross coin, which made it more obvious when the coin had been clipped. Apart from the change in the size of the cross, the rest of the design did not substantially change, and the long cross made it easy to cut the coin into halves or quarters for change. Because of the introduction of the new coinage it was necessary to reopen many of the old mints to supply sufficient coins. Long-cross pennies (1247- 1279) were produced at Bristol, Bury St Edmunds, Canterbury, Carlisle, Durham, Exeter, Gloucester, Hereford, Ilchester, Lincoln, London, Newcastle, Northampton, Norwich, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Wallingford, Wilton, Winchester, and York.

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