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Indo Scythian Emperor Azes II 35-12 BC, TETRADRACHM, Silver coin 9.60 gr. - 24.48 mm, 35 - 12 BC

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Indo Scythian Emperor  AZES II 35-12 BC, TETRADRACHM, Silver coin  9.60 gr. - 24.48 mm, 35 - 12 BC
Obs. Azes on horseback right, holding whip and raising right hand, bow on his back ,
Rev. Pallas Athena standing right, right arm extended, spear and shield in left;
The death of Azes II coincides with the rise of the Kushans in the west, but Indo-Scythians remained as rulers throughout the north-west frontier and in Punjab, Sindh, Kashmir, western Uttar Pradesh, Saurashtra, Kathiawar, Rajputana, Malwa, and the north Konkan belt of Maharashtra. Following the reign of Azes they appear to fragment, with local satraps probably gaining their independence.

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