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Khmer bronze, Buddha on Muchalinda, H 5.8, ca 12th to 13th century AD or a pre 1900 reproduction

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Buddha guarded from the cosmic storm by the serpent Naga ((Muchalinda) by spearding  his hood over the head of the sage. By coiling under Buddha the Naga protected the deity from the rising floods.  Baphuon (Ca 1050-1066) Style, an emblem of Khmer sculpture, during the reign of Jayavarman VII large number of smaller Khmer bronzes such as this were produced due to high demand compromising quality. H 5.8”,  ca 12th to 13th century AD style, a later reproduction.
Exotic, rare and authentic antique religious figurines and Sculptures of Khmer Period from Anton Sebastian Private Collection presented by Antiques International for sale

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