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Large 19th Century intricately sculptured bronze of Green Tara, H 14.8" W 12.0"

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An epitome of 19th century Nepalese art and sculpture. Large Green Tara or female Bodhisattva seated on a lotus base with her feet in Vajrasana posture and hands in vitarka Mudra (gesture of argumantation). Lotus stalk encircles her right forearm leading to its bloom on her her right shoulder. Meanwhile her left forearm is entwined with a lotus stem leading to a bud, yet to blossom on her left shoulder. Her seated half of her body is most intricately carved so is her jewellery on her chest and arms. An irrestible work of art, Wt 5 Kg, H 14.8" W 12"
Tibetan artists absorbed the influences of Han, Nepalese and Indian sculpture and developed a style and craft of their own that is distinctively Tibetan as seen from this magnificent sculptured bronze of Green Tara.
Anton Sebastian Collection from Antiques International for authentic rare antique bronze sculptures.
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