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Larger than average Tibetan bronze of Tsongkhapa (13571419) Geluk School, H 12.0"

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Larger than average Tibetan bronze of Tsongkhapa (1357–1419), the famous teacher of Tibetan Buddhism (Geluk School) wearing a tall hat, seated in vajrasana posture on a double lotus throne with both hands  in dharmacakra mudra (doctrine of Buddha) and holding a stem of lotus palm in each of his fore arm. H 12.0”, 19th - early 20th century
Tsongkhapa, a Tibetan religious philosopher, central to Gelugpa (dge lugs pa) sect that ruled Tibet until the Chinese takeover in 1951. The historical Tsongkhapa flourished in the period immediately following the final redaction of the Buddhist canon in Tibetan translation. He presents a Middle Way (madhyamaka) philosophy between knowledge and praxis, based on the works of the Indian philosopher Ngrjuna (3rd – 4th century AD), and strongly influenced by the Indo-Tibetan ­Buddhist logico-epistemological tradition (prama) founded by the Indian epistemologists Dignga and Dharmakrti (5th – 7th century AD).

Authentic Rare and Antique bronzes, religious figurines from India, South East Asia, and China from Anton Private Collection and presented for sale by Antiques International.
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