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A stunning bronze of Maheshasuramardini, Durga with a pantheon of Hindu gods overcomming the demon, rare South Indian bronze, H 9.0", ca 16th - 17th century

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The legend of Durga and Mahesasura 

The Goddess Durga Killing the Buffalo Demon (Mahishasura Mardini)

A pantheon of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. A South Indian bronze depicting the slaying of the demon Mahesasura (Mahisura) which threatens to dethrone the gods, by Durga riding a tiger or lion, as the other gods look on. Ten-arm Durga riding a lion, flanked in the rear right side by Parvati holding a lotus bud in her right hand and standing on a tall lotus pedestal. On the rear left is Shakti or Uma on a similar pedestal. At the front left is Vishnu riding on Garuda and in the front right is elephant faced Ganesha seated on a pedestal. On the middle left is  the demon Mahesasura, half animal holding a sword.  The group of deities are set on a rectangular plinth, H 9.0”” x W 4.0” X L 7.0” ca 16th  – 17th century or  probably earlier, 
Authentic Rare and Antique bronzes from Anton Sebastian Private Collection presented for sale by Antiques International.

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