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Muzzel loading gun (Jezail) , musket, L 59, copper, brass, gold? Inlay, probably a chieftains gun, Middle East, ca 1600 -1700

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Jezail, a rare fire arm from Middle East or Central Asia, copper and gold? inlaid on wood, Length  59”, probably a chieftain’s gun, very few are preserved such as this one, region Middle East or Central Asia, ca 1700 -1800 
This is a muzzel loading gun handmade and ornately decorated, featuring a distinctive curve which is not seen in Western  muskets. The curve allowes it to be tucked under the arm and cradled tightly against the body, as opposed to being held to the shoulder like a typical musket or rifle. 
Jezails were seen as very personal weapons, and unlike the typical military weapons of the time which were very plain and utilitarian, jezails tended to be very well crafted and were usually very beautifully and artistically decorated. They were extensively used against the British during the first Anglo-Indian War (1839 to 1842) by the Afghans.
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