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Source Book of Medical History, Logan Clendening, First Edition 1942, Dover Publications, New York reprint UK 1960

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Source Book of Medical History, Logan Clendening, First Edition, Dover Publications, New York 1942 UK reprint 1960
Logan Clendening was born May 25, 1884, in Kansas City, Missouri. Clendening attended the University of Michigan and upon graduation attended the University of Kansas for medical school. After he graduated from the University of Kansas, he continued his studies at the University of Edinburgh. In 1909 Clendening returned to Kansas City and in 1914, he married Dorothy Hixon. Clendening began teaching at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 1922 and eventually founded the History and Philosophy of Medicine Department in 1939. Clendening became best known for his medical literature. Clendening wrote 
The Human Body, which was published in 1927 and became a best-selling non-fiction title. Clendening remained active in Kansas City and the medical community until his death on January 31, 1945, in Kansas City.

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