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Standing Khmer Ganesh bronze, 7.9. ca 12th century sytle, a later reproduction pre 1900

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Rare Khmer of standing Ganesha wearing a crown, could be cleaned for finer details, 7.9”. ca 800-1200 AD style, possible reproduction pre 1900.  The origins of Khmer ancient state of Funan was essentially Hinduism until the arrival of Buddhism in the 12th century. Thus came about a fusion of Buddhism and Hinduism with many Hindu gods such as Siva (linga), Ganesh, Vishnu, Devi, Hahnuman, Parvati and others being synchronised with Buddha. The Naga icons and the Hindu gods merged with the Buddha images around the 12th century
Authentic Rare and Antique bronzes and religious figurines from India, South East Asia, and China from Anton Private Collection and presented for sale by Antiques International.

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