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The Diseases of Women with Child and in Child Bearing, Maruiceau, Francis, Translated by Hugh Chamberlen, 1710

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300 years old very rare  copy on antenatal and pregnancy. Only 6 existing copies located, fourth edition. Contemporary full leather bound of high quality costing £ 150.00. 10 copper engraved plates some repaired. François Mauriceau (1637–1709), a leading French obstetrician who established obstetrics as a science with his Des Maladies des Femmes Grosses et Accouches published in 1668 on the diseases and management in obstetrics. He was visited by Chamberlain, Hugh, the elder (1632-1720?) Grandson of Peter Chamberlain, the elder. Hugh graduated from Trinity College Cambridge in 1664 and became a male midwife and attended the wife of James II. On his visit to Paris Hugh tried to sell the secret of his obstetric forceps, invented by his grandfather Peter, to the French obstetrician but Mauriceau set an almost impossible task to the overconfident Chamberlain by asking him to deliver the baby of a 30-year-old rachitic dwarf with a deformed pelvis who had been in labor for 8 days. Chamberlain, who claimed to be able to do it in quarter of an hour, gave up after trying for 4 hours. On his return from Paris, he brought a copy of Mauriceauís Des Maladies des Femmes Grosses et Accouchees which he translated into English. It remained a best seller for the next century. Chamberlain later sold the forceps to a Dutch obstetrician, Rogier van Roonhuyze in 1692

An extremely  Rare book from Anton Sebastian Private Collection
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