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Very rare 18th century or earlier multiple Trithankaras in kayotsarga posture at a Jain bronze alter, 5.2”

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A very rare 18th century or possibly earlier bronze Jain alter with four Trithankara in Kayotsarga posture. Height 5.2 inches (13 cm).  Kayotsarga (Sanskrit: कायोत्सर्ग Kāyotsarga, Jain Prakrit: काउस्सग्गKāussagga) is a yogic posture which is an important part of the Jain meditation. It literally means "dismissing the body".  Tirthankaras are represented in this very rare shrine, standing in kayotsarga posture which means "to give up one's physical comfort and body movements", thus staying steady and concentrating upon the true nature of the soul. It is one of the six essentials (avasyaka) of a Jain ascetic and one of the 28 primary attributes of a Digambara monk. An example of unflinching standing meditation is that of Arihant Bahubali who is said to have stood in kayotsarga for a year.