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Yemen, Yemenite States, 1/80 Riyal bronze coin AH 1344 / 1925 AD good grade, rare historic year for Yemen

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Period 1330-1361 (1911-1942)
Calendar Islamic

year 1344/ 1925
Value 1/80 Riyal = 0.5 Buqsha (1/80)
Metal Bronze
Diameter 21 mm

Accession date AH1322 above crescent on
On Reverse legend and date 1344 in a circle above 2 stars

In 1925, Imam Yahya captured al-Hudaydah from the Idrsids and continued to follow and attack the Idrsids until Asir fell under the control of the Imam's forces, forcing the Idrisi to request an agreement that would enable them to administer the region in the name of the Imam. Imam Yahya refused the offer on the grounds that the Idrisis were of a Moroccan decent. had to retreat. The Italian Empire was the first to recognize Imam Yahya as the King of Yemen in 1926

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